Sunday Afternoon Classics: The Wild Bunch (Director's Cut)


Apollo Cinema Sun, Nov 26 3:45 PM
Film Info
Release Year:1969
Production Country:USA
Original Language:German
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Sam Peckinpah
Cast:William Holden
Ernest Borgnine
Robert Ryan
Jaime Sánchez
Warren Oates


Who doesn't love a good, old western on the big screen?

Saddle up for this month's Sunday Afternoon Classics featuring director Sam Peckinpah’s magnificent, ultra-violent spectacle, starring a who's-who of Hollywood heavyweights.

William Holden leads a band of aging robbers through the hard world of the Old West, pursued by former-friend-turned bounty-hunter Robert Ryan.

The balletic violence and weary fatalism that Peckinpah brings to his vision of the American West is underscored by some of sweatiest, dirtiest, bloodiest performances of all time. Ernest Borgnine, Ben Johnson and Warren Oates shoot, drink, and ride their way through the film’s harsh landscape, while managing to imbue it with a sense of sublime poetry.

This is a film about men who have outlived their time and cling to a code that will be discarded by future generations: stand by your friends, take what you can get, and don’t kill civilians...unless they get in the way. Don't miss this rare screening!