Riddle of Fire


Apollo Cinema Fri, Apr 5 6:45 PM
Apollo Cinema Sun, Apr 7 1:00 PM
Film Info
Release Year:2024
Production Country:France
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Weston Razooli
Cast:Lio Tipton
Charles Halford
Charlie Stover
Danielle Hoetmer
Lorelei Olivia Mote
Screenwriter:Weston Razooli


If you grew up on classic children's adventure movies, and have been yearning to recapture that magic, then you’ll need to see “Riddle of Fire”.

Writer-director Weston Razooli's dreamlike first feature conjures a neo-fairytale that evokes the sensation of tuning into a late-night broadcast of an obscure and wackadoo children’s film from another dimension.Take a ride with the "Three Immortal Reptiles", a prepubescent gang of rascals who zigzag their dirt bikes through the woodsy realm of Ribbon, Wyoming, in pursuit of freewheelin’ fun.

When the enjoyment of their successful (if illicit) procurement of a hallowed game console is stymied by a password-protected television, their mother tasks them with a quest to retrieve a blueberry pie in exchange for the magic words. The deceptively simple task compounds with complications and the trio find themselves whisked away through woodlands dark, running afoul with the Enchanted Blade Gang, an enigmatic coven led by an hnest-to-Lilith witch!